A downloadable game for Windows

A fast-paced, 4-player, local multiplayer deathmatch. Battle for explosive power, then use it to obliterate your friends.

Windows only (currently). Requires 2-4 gamepads.

Made in 2 days as part of the LowRez Jam 2016.


- The aim of the game is to pick up and be holding the bomb when it explodes. You score a point for each player caught in the blast!

- Left stick: move.

- X (or A): dash. Dash into other players to daze them, or into the bomb holder to steal the bomb!

- X (or A) while holding the bomb: shield. Send would-be bomb thieves bouncing backwards, and hold on to incendiary dominance a little while longer!

Install instructions

Currently Windows only. Should only require extracting the files, then running boomroom.exe.

Requires 2-4 gamepads to play.

Built with SFML 2.3.2.


boomroom.zip 5 MB