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Frantic, laser-beam fueled, unimaginatively titled, local-multiplayer action. Success is determined by your colour coverage, and your friends are so very, very full of colour, all just waiting to be liberated via high powered death beams.

Windows only (currently). Requires 2-4 gamepads.

Made in a day and a half as part of the Guildford Colour Jam.


- Fight with your friends to cover as much of the arena in your colour as possible. At the end of the game, the player with the most of their colour splattered on the ground is the winner.

- Left stick: move.

- X (or A): dash. Dashing will leave a small trail of paint along your path, and will let you avoid beam damage for a short period of time.

- Right stick: fire a beam in the direction of the stick. Use this to wittle down your opponents' health. If you destroy them, they'll explode, leaving a large burst of your colour all over the arena floor!

Install instructions

Currently Windows only. Should only require extracting the files, then running colourstuff.exe.

Requires 2-4 gamepads to play.

Built with SFML 2.3.2.


colourstuff.zip 4 MB

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