A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The flood is coming.
You must hastily piece together a raft and escape the looming threat of a watery grave.

Work alone, or team up with (or against) up to three friends!

Note: the Mac and Linux versions of this game are sadly untested, and may suffer from gameplay/input problems -- or they could work just fine. Let us know in the comments below if you experience any issues.

Requires 1-4 gamepads for multiplayer. With no gamepads plugged in, the game is single player, and uses the keyboard.

Left stick / WSAD: Move
X / Space: Jump
Right trigger / Left Shift: Grab
Circle / E: Glue objects together
Left Trigger / F: Arms
D-pad / Numbers 1-4: Emote


Made in 2 days for Global Game Jam 2017, for the theme "Waves", by:

Liam de Valmency: Design/Code
Richard Tongeman: Art/Visuals
Alex Jones: Music
Lewis Thompson: Sound

Install instructions

This game was built in a weekend using Unity; all that's needed to play it is to run the executable contained in the .zip file.


duckbuild.zip (16 MB)
duckbuild_mac.zip (19 MB)
duckbuild_linux.zip (19 MB)


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Can you help me? Can you make it compatable with both keyboard and Gamepad? PPPPP


does this work with dualshock

Yep, should work fine. If you have trouble, try using DS4Windows

I BEAT THE GAME :) If you're wondering what's at the top, check this out!


Awesome little game, loved it! Great idea!

Hope you liked my let's play! I kind of cheated ;D If you did like it, help me by subscribing to my channel. Stay tuned for daily uploads!

Thanks again and check out the game, it really is fun!


Very cute! I can only recommend it in co-op!

Such a cute game :P

This game is so fun, even though I suck at it!

Sadly its only local

Duck Build includes a great vibrant, cartoon-like design that's very appealing to people, I love it <3

This is an awesome little game! Really loved playing it! :)

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Please continue work on this! Maybe in future you can add different levels and (possibly) the ability to move the camera e.g. rotate it around your character and a first person mode would be AWESOME!



cant download it after i get the zip file help pls

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