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Sometimes stuff will get stuck in the ground,make objects that are inside the terrain get non-stuck

Pretty neat my friend rage and almost broke my controller XD LOL

i cant move please help

what are controls for xbox one controllers

Cool game!

(Umm... Is it just me... or does the “island” actually look very much like the back side of a naked body???)

Looks fun, one problem... I simply CAN'T CONTROL THE CHARACTERS HELP

One of the best indie games i have played

cool, really neat B )

Am I the only one that saw a shotgun on the left side of the island

Made a video, It was SUPER fun!

how do you open the game

lets give it up for my amazing photoshop skills

Trying to survive a flood has never been as fun.

Very cute! I can only recommend it in co-op!

new subscriber :D

For some reason when I connect two controllers,

They both share the Trigger buttons...

This is extremely annoying since the whole game revolves around using these trigger buttons

Any fixes or suggestions?

This is a fun way to pass time with ducks. It also has some nice music going on. Recently tried to make a raft out of all the things and...that's more difficult than it sounds. Physics get weeiird when you do that. Good job ducking.

Fun little game, pretty damn good for 2 days! The missus and I had a good laugh playing it.

Can you help me? Can you make it compatable with both keyboard and Gamepad? PPPPP


does this work with dualshock

Yep, should work fine. If you have trouble, try using DS4Windows

I BEAT THE GAME :) If you're wondering what's at the top, check this out!


Awesome little game, loved it! Great idea!

Hope you liked my let's play! I kind of cheated ;D If you did like it, help me by subscribing to my channel. Stay tuned for daily uploads!

Thanks again and check out the game, it really is fun!

Such a cute game :P

This game is so fun, even though I suck at it!

Sadly its only local

Duck Build includes a great vibrant, cartoon-like design that's very appealing to people, I love it <3

This is an awesome little game! Really loved playing it! :)

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Please continue work on this! Maybe in future you can add different levels and (possibly) the ability to move the camera e.g. rotate it around your character and a first person mode would be AWESOME!


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