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The fork hangs overhead; a gentle smile accompanies its slow spinning descent towards your head.

Fork of Damocles is a local-multiplayer party game where you must be the sole survivor of an ever-present Fork threat. Oh, and you're a tasty vegetable. Don't get eaten!


Requires 2-4 gamepads (and a similar number of people) to play.

Left stick: Move
Circle: Dash
Square: Lay trap (only when the fork is coming for you)
Cross: Jump


Fork of Damocles was made during Train Jam 2017, a two day journey/game jam across the US onboard an Amtrak Superliner train. The jam's theme was "unexpected anticipation".

The game was a solo project. Unfortunately there was no time for creating/integrating music or SFX.

Install instructions

This game was built in a weekend using Unity; all that's needed to play it is to run the executable contained in the .zip file.


forkofdamocles.zip 11 MB


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