A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Make new friends. Dance. Generate good vibes. Make even more new friends.

A short 5-10 minute clicker, based around building up a community of dancing pals. Generate good vibes by dancing; the more good vibes you have, the better you'll dance, and the more people you'll attract to your friendship circle!

Each new dancer comes with a procedurally generated name and fun fact! I'd love to see your favourites (@Kilo_bytes on twitter).


Made in two days as part of the Guildford Game Jam, for the theme "community".

  • Design/code/art : Liam de Valmency
  • Music/SFX/design/writing: Lewis Thompson

Install instructions

Built in Unity. All that's needed to play it is to download the right version for your OS and run the executable within the .zip file.


grooving_grounds_windows.zip 29 MB
grooving_grounds_mac.zip 30 MB
grooving_grounds_linux.zip 32 MB

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