A downloadable launcher for Windows

This is a game launcher which has been designed for use at public events, allowing people to view and play a collection of games.

Adding games to the arcade is as simple as dragging and dropping their folder into the "games" directory, and including some information in a .ini file to tell the arcade what it's called, how many players it has, what input methods are needed, and so on.

For more details on how to add games to the arcade, see README.txt in the arcade's folder.

If you end up using the arcade, I'd love to know how/when/where! Leave a comment below or @ me on Twitter.


Scroll games: arrow keys, WSAD, clicking.
Load game: Enter, Space, E, clicking.
Open/close options menu: F1
Filter games tagged as mature: F2
Filter games which require a gamepad: F3

Install instructions

Extract from the .zip file, and have a read of the README file to get started!


jamarcade.zip 14 MB

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